John di Domenico
John di Domenico, AIA, LEED AP
Andrew Berger, AIA, ASLA

Associate Principals
Paul Alber, AIA
Ricky Liu, AIA, LEED AP
Kenji Suzuki, AIA
Tilman Globig, AIA, LEED AP

Senior Associate
Adam Mercier, AIA, LEED AP

Allison Black
Steven Borelli, AIA
Ileana LaFontaine
Aileen Munoz, LEED AP
Diana Rodriguez
Russell Rule, AIA
David Tobar
Alyssa Topinka, AIA

Partner-In-Charge: Architecture and
Urban Design

Starting the firm 1981, Mr. di Domenico has directed a variety of projects in the public and private realm. His overall design and management approach is rooted in practical and academic experience. As a Harvard Design School graduate, Fulbright Scholar and professor at NYIT, Mr. di Domenico has developed a studio-office environment focusing on principal-led group involvement that led to the firm's successful progress and award winning design accomplishments. In addition, it creates a consensus-building environment where client, principal and manager work hand-in-hand so that design, program and budget follow client expectations. Mr. di Domenico currently directs and develops projects that focus on the design and rehabilitation of memorable spaces for public and private activity throughout the Northeast.
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