di Domenico + Partners

New Starbucks Coffee Kiosk Opens at Javits Convention Center

dD+P oversaw the design, integration and construction of the new Starbucks Coffee Kiosk at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, which recently opened to the public. Located within the Javits Center's Crystal Palace, whose main entry is on 11th Avenue, the kiosk was fitted-out to meet Starbucks' design standards. Many design and technical challenges were overcome to provide a design that was welcomed by Starbucks and Javits while accommodating the limitations of the existing site.

dD+P is currently providing design and leading several other projects at the Javits Center, including the renovation and improvements of the Executive, Administration and Labor departments, upgrades to the convention center's public safety officers quarters, and the renovation of the building's First Aid facilities. These upgrades and renovations come as part of Javits' vision to enhance the user experience, workplace environment, safety and security.