di Domenico + Partners

Newark Visitor's Center

di Domenico + Partners won First Place in the Newark Visitor′s Center International Design Competition. ″Portal to the City on the Meandering Passaic River,″ was chosen from nearly 200 submissions from 31 countries. Sited adjacent to the future Riverfront Park, the Visitor′s Center would serve as a threshold from the dense high rise fabric of Downtown Newark to many diverse neighborhoods. The Center′s curvilinear form promotes ease of movement. Just as the Meandering River erodes its edges and collects deposits, the Center′s layout creates spaces for people to collect and gather. The Visitor′s Center is a place to learn about Newark′s past, its present, and a view to its green and sustainable future. The place is a landscape of opportunity − and like the River itself, a witness to the City′s transformation through time.

Newark Visitor’s Center International Design Competition - Portal to the City on the Meandering Passaic River