di Domenico + Partners

NYC SCA - Universal Pre-K Program (UPK)

dD+P is working on sites, providing feasibility studies and construction documents for various locations in preparation of conversion into Universal Pre-K (UPK) schools, in response to the Mayor’s initiative to provide every 4-year old with high-quality, full-day Pre-K across the City. The UPK schools include 4 to 10 classrooms with 18 students and two teachers per classroom. In addition to the classrooms, the lobbies, administrative space, custodian’s space, kitchen pantry areas, indoor/outdoor play spaces and staff lounges will be renovated or built. Conversion of Catholic schools to UPK facilities are leased by New York City, in all five boroughs.

UPK schools include: K560, X444, Q444, X314, X348, and 606 West 57th St. (Design Phase)