di Domenico + Partners

Penn Station Visioning Proposal

Pennsylvania Station is the busiest commuter hub in New York used by more than 600,000 people daily. The demolition of the original building relegated transportation activities to a collection of subterranean spaces occupied by two commuter railroads, New York City Transit and Amtrak. The design vision proposed bold action to address the quality of these underground spaces, the lack of identity and confusing circulation. Dramatic new entry portals were proposed that would also bring daylight to the underground spaces. Circulation routes were expanded to improve access to trains and facilitate retail opportunities. A rotunda space overlooks the platforms and is the location of destination retail. The plan to re-vision the station harnesses the energy of the complex into a ″Network of Destinations″ with dramatic architectural gestures and a branding program to affirm Pennsylvania Station as ″The Hub… You can get there from here! ″