di Domenico + Partners

South Ferry Station Flood Mitigation and Resiliency

Hurricane Sandy affected the New York City Transit subways at an unprecedented magnitude. Particularly affected were downtown Manhattan facilities in low-lying areas. The scope of work at South Ferry Station is divided into station rehabilitation and flood protection. For station rehabilitation, di Domenico + Partners conducted an architectural assessment that included all concourse, mezzanine and platform levels, employee facilities and back-of-house spaces as well as mechanical and electrical rooms throughout the station complex. For flood protection and resiliency, the assessment focused on street level entrances, ventilation structure, hatches, manholes and critical spaces throughout the station complex. Both assessments resulted in reports documenting the conditions and recommendations for recovery, rehabilitation, and mitigation required for a category two hurricane. The team then prepared alternative designs that balanced costly permanent flood mitigation with more economical components that could be deployed prior to a storm event. A combination of flood doors and panels, watertight glazing, and stop log barrier walls will address different station conditions. These measures, while responding to current and future needs, also offered an opportunity to redesign three new prominent (and dry-proof) pavilion entrances.

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