di Domenico + Partners

Wilson Senior High Program Study

di Domenico + Partners prepared a planning study and preliminary designs for the adaptive reuse and expansion of Wilson Senior High School in Washington, DC. The school was originally constructed in 1935 at 211,000 SF and grew to 241,000 SF with a 1970's gymnasium addition. The dD+P team's concept focused on organizing the disparate group of existing structures into a memorable campus while fostering an innovative design for 21st Century teaching and learning. Sustainability was at the core of the approach including maximizing daylight in learning spaces, renewable energy from photovoltaic panels, solar chimney for ventilation in the cafeteria, green roofs, and stormwater management through permeable site pavers and bioswales along the site perimeter. dD+P also prepared several test fits to verify that programmatic needs would be met and analyzed campus circulation patterns.